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Backtagging: always & forever
Threadjacking: when appropriate (ask if unsure)
Fourthwalling: why not? just check first!
Anything else?:
Kissing/hugging/etc: platonic hugging, yes
Fighting: he loves fighting, especially for fun
Injuries: ask first
Killing: no
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: ask first
Anything else?: bear in mind his age, but otherwise, if you're unsure of anything, inquire within!

Notes on appearance, for those encountering him: Sephiroth is very pale, but not bizarrely so. More unusually, especially for someone of his age, his hair is silver. Perhaps his oddest feature are his eyes, which are bright green with a faint glow and have pupils like a cat's.

For those with special sensitivity/perception: Individuals who can sense such things might be able to sense the entity Jenova, who is present, in a sense, within Sephiroth, though dormant. His genetic structure is stabilized, so there is no present danger of Jenova taking control or expanding her influence, but she is there.

Warning: As Sephiroth only exists as he is via an abusive act and has been raised as an experiment, playing the character may touch on some issues relating to abuse and mistreatment of children. I try to be sensitive, but if anything ever makes anyone uncomfortable, just let me know! I'd much rather be informed than unwittingly upset someone.

Information: For more about Sephiroth at this less common canon point, you can read an application here.
pinnaculum: (when the blackbird flew out of sight)
1. 2 sets of dark, practical clothes
2. Pair of goggles.
3. A practice sword.
4. A battle ready sword, with three Materia* slots
[4a. Materia equipped to sword: Time, Exit, Revive]
5. A Rune Armlet, armed with four Materia.
[5a. Materia equipped to armlet: Restore, Heal, Seal, Barrier]
6. A volume of Professor Gast's essays.

*In his world, it was decided that the "reborn" Sephiroth would not be allowed to carry damage dealing Materia.

Other items:
Sephiroth has gained the Materia Fire.
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Name: Sephiroth
Age: 7-8 (actual age and date of birth are classified)

OU and AU versions:

OU: Sephiroth as a child, living under the supervision of Professor Hojo and Science Research Division. For the first few years of his life, he was in the care of Professor Gast, and Gast took steps to ensure that he was treated humanely, and given as "normal" a childhood as was possible, considering the circumstances. When Gast disappeared and Hojo took over the project, he made many changes, without Sephiroth's welfare in mind, and Sephiroth already dislikes and resents him.

AU: Following the events of Advent Children, Sephiroth is returned to life by the Lifestream, as a child. Perhaps so he can make amends, or perhaps for some other reason? When he awakens, alone in Aerith's church amidst the ruins of Midgar, he possesses only the faded memories of his child self.

There is not a great deal of specific information on Sephiroth's childhood. My version of it is largely based on translations of Final Fantasy VII Ultimania and the few times Sephiroth mentions his past in canon. As a child being treated as a scientific experiment is a clear form of abuse in any case, I will try to handle the matter as sensitively as possible. Please let me know if you have any problems with my portrayal where this is concerned, and I'll try to address them at once.

Also, feel free to leave me any comments/questions/suggestions/criticism.


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